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F.A.Q. - Frequently Asked Questions About WebInject

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Where can I get help with WebInject?

First you should read the online documentation (specifically the 'Manual' page). If you have further questions, you may post questions to the Users Forum.

Does WebInject support SSL (HTTPS) or any type of encrypted transactions?

Yes. WebInject uses the SSL/TLS library from the OpenSSL toolkit. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL v2/v3) and Transport Layer Security (TLS v1) protocols are supported.

Does WebInject support HTTP Authentication?

Yes. HTTP Basic Authentication is supported.

Can WebInject handle Cookies for state management between requests?

Yes. WebInject automatically handles HTTP Cookies for you. When a "Set-Cookie" is sent back in the HTTP header from the web server, the Cookie is stored and sent back with subsequent requests to the domain it was set from.

Can WebInject handle embedded Session ID's, .NET ViewStates, and other dynamic URL rewriting?

Yes. Cookieless session handling and state management is possible by parsing data from an HTTP response and storing it to be resent in subsequent requests. See the Manual section on "Session Handling and State Management" for information.

Can WebInject send requests through a proxy server?

Yes. See the section in the manual page on Configuration. There is a setting you can add to config.xml to specify a proxy.

Will my HTTP requests follow redirects?

No. I opted not to implement redirects from the WebInject engine. If the server responds with an HTTP redirect response (301, 302, 307, etc.), you must add another case to request the URL you are being redirected to. There will always be a single response for each request.

Can WebInject test my GUI through a web browser?

No. WebInject works at the HTTP protocol level. It is not a GUI driver or browser automation tool.

Will client-side scripts embedded in the web responses be executed?

No. Any scripts embedded within the responses are ignored. Your javascript/vbscript/etc will not be executed.

When I try to run the Perl code, I get something like:
"Can't locate XML/ in @INC"
What is wrong?

This error is coming from your Perl interpreter and it is letting you know that your Perl kit is missing some modules that WebInject requires. You must install these modules on your own. See the Build Page for more information on Perl modules.