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The latest version of WebInject is: 1.41 (Jan 4, 2006)

Downloads: - MS Windows Executable + Source Code

webinject-1.41.src.tar.gz - Source Code (with UNIX style line endings)

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Release History:

Version 1.41 - Jan 4, 2006

  - Added ability to add multiple HTTP Headers within an 'addheader' testcase parameter
  - Added 'addheader' testcase parameter to GET requests (previously only supported POST)
  - Fixed GUI layout for high dpi displays
  - Bugfixes for 'verifyresponsecode' and 'errormessage' parameters

Version 1.40 - Dec 6, 2005

  - Support for Web Services (SOAP/XML)
  - Added XML parser for parsing and verification of XML responses (web services)
  - Support for 'text/xml' and 'application/soap+xml' Content-Type (web services)
  - Added new 'addheader' testcase parameter so you can specify an additional HTTP Header field for requests
  - Support for setting variables/constants within test case files
  - Added ability to call generic external Perl plugins for easier integration and post-processing
  - More detail added to XML output
  - Code refactoring

Version 1.35 - April 4, 2005

  - New command line option (-o) to specify location for writing output files (http.log, results.html, and results.xml)
  - Nagios plugin performance data support
  - Allows multiple 'httpauth' elements in config files to support multiple sets of HTTP Authentication credentials
  - New 'verifyresponsecode' test case parameter for HTTP Response Code verification
  - Additional 'baseurl' elements supported in the config file
  - Additional verification parameters supported in test cases
  - Added -V command line option (same as -v) to print version info (necessary for it to run with Moodss)
  - Code refactoring

Version 1.34 - Feb 10, 2005

  - MRTG External Monitoring Script (Plugin) compatibility
  - Bugfix for using comment tags in config files
  - Suppress logging when running in plugin mode
  - Changed default standalone plot mode to OFF

Version 1.33 - Jan 26, 2005

  - Nagios Plugin compatibility
  - Support for multipart/form-data encoded POSTs (file uploads)
  - Updated results.html output so it is valid XHTML

Version 1.32 - Jan 14, 2005

  - Bugfix for erroneous dummy test case printing in GUI status
  - Bugfix for warning that appeared when running GUI with Perl in -w mode

Version 1.31 - Jan 11, 2005

  - Bugfix for errors and broken status bar in GUI

Version 1.30 - Jan 07, 2005

  - HTTP Basic Authentication support
  - No longer forced to have test cases in strict incremental numbered order
  - Source code compiles with the "use strict" pragma
  - Ability to run engine from a different directory using alternate test case and config files
  - Comments allowed in config file using <commment></comment> tags
  - Other config.xml options are still used when you pass a test case filename as a command line argument
  - New config option to change response delay timeout <timeout></timeout>
  - New test case parameter to add a custom error message
  - Added separators to http.log for readability
  - Enhanced command line options/switches
  - Nagios Plugin compatibility (beta)
  - More verbose error handling when running from command line
  - Ability to handle reserved XML character "<" within test cases by escaping it with a backslash "\<"
  - Changed output when using XPath notation from command line
  - Bugfix for proxy support
  - Bugfix for sending a parsed value in a POST body
  - Bugfix for erroneous errors when running from command line
  - Bugfix for warnings that appeared when running with Perl in -w mode
  - Code refactoring

Version 1.20 - Sept 27, 2004

  - Real-time response time monitoring (stats display and integration with gnuplot for plot/graph)
  - Added tabbed layout to GUI with 'Status' and 'Monitor' windows
  - Added 'Stop' button to GUI to halt execution
  - New testcase parameter 'sleep', to throttle execution
  - Added timer summary to HTML report
  - Removed HTML tags from STDOUT display and cleaned up formatting
  - GUI enhancements
  - Code refactoring

Version 1.12 - July 28, 2004

  - New test case file parameter 'repeat', to run a test case file multiple times
  - Added GUI options for Minimal Output and Response Timer Output
  - New config.xml parameter to define a custom User-Agent string to be sent in HTTP headers
  - Added XPath Node selection to optional command line parameters
  - Bugfix for GUI Restart button

Version 1.10 - June 23, 2004

  - Added XML formatted output (results.xml is created each run)
  - New config.xml parameter for HTTP logging
  - More detailed pass/fail status to HTML report
  - Redefined criteria for test case pass/pail
  - Results summary and additional formatting to STDOUT (for standalone mode)
  - Minor code refactoring

Version 0.95 - May 17, 2004

  - Added Restart button to GUI
  - Added 5 additional parsing parameters/variables to use in test cases
  - Fixes to GUI positioning

Version 0.94 - April 29, 2004

  - Bugfix for malformed HTTP Post
  - Added colors to status window text

Version 0.93 - March 22, 2004

  - Dynamic response parsing support cookieless session handling
  - Added version number to GUI window title bar

Version 0.92 - March 05, 2004

  - Minor bug fixes
  - Added status light to GUI
  - New config.xml parameter for HTTP proxy support
  - New config.xml parameter for Baseurl constant

Version 0.91 - Feb 23, 2004

  - Decoupled GUI (webinjectgui) from Test Engine (webinject) so engine can run standalone
  - Testcase name can be passed on command line as well as via config.xml
  - Code cleanup
  - Output sent to STDOUT as well as reports (for standalone mode)

Version 0.90 - Feb 19, 2004

  - Initial public beta release
  - Contains SSL/TLS support
  - Perl/Tk GUI
  - Automatic cookie handling